Thursday 25th Jul 2024
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Ministry of education

Three teachers suspended for refusing to choreograph dances

AA. Ukulhas School has suspended three of their teachers for refusing to choreograph students for a school dance concert.
TMJ acquired the document issued by the Ministry of Education, prohibiting the teachers from attending to their educator duties at school until the investigation is concluded.
The document, signed the the Permanent Secretary Ahmed Ali, stated that the responsibilities of the teachers as educators entailed following the national curriculum, however their blunt insubordination towards following the curriculum to achieve the students’ key stage objectives has been received as unremorseful dereliction of duty.
Therefore, the Permanent Secretary urged the teachers to refrain from attending to the rest of their schooling duties until they have been reprimanded for their actions once the investigation is concluded.
Sources have reported that the teachers were asked to stay home because they refused to choreograph lower key stage students for their upcoming dance concerts. The public is outraged over the treatment of these teachers and they have voiced their concerns over the matter.