Monday 15th Apr 2024
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No security checks for MPS, Ministers and their spouses at airports

Aviation Security Command (AVSECOM) has decided to forgo security checks for Members of Parliament, Ministers and their accompanying spouses during travels.
A circular issued and signed by the Director General of AVSECOM, Hussain Nafeez had dismissed the circular which was previously issued, detailing the standard security protocols.
TMJ acquired the new circular. It said that, with the new circular dated 2nd October 2022, the circular issued on 3rd August 2022 was canceled and dismissed.
The circular instructed on how to treat the people included in the National Civil Aviation Security Program, which also detailed people of VIP and VVIP status and their exemptions to the common rules.
Senior official at AVSECOM told TMJ that the new circular was issued following the security check performed on Youth Minister Ahmed Mahloof at Kadhdhoo Airport.
The official said that prior to the new circular, VIPs including MPs, cabinet ministers, diplomatic commissioners and even Justices at the Supreme Court and High Court got security checks. However, now the procedure dictates that these entities will not go through airport security checks and only their belongings will be checked by security.
Addressing the issue at the parliament, former Economic Minister and MP for Maavashu constituency, Mohamed Saeed said that during their administration they went through security like everyone else even at domestic terminals.
Two AVSECOM employees of Kadhdhoo Airport had been suspended following Mahloof’s security check. The female employee who performed the check and the supervisor who authorized it have been suspended without leeway to perform any operational duties at the airport.