Monday 26th Feb 2024
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Ministry of Defence

MNDF stops providing desalinated water for junior officers

Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF) has reverted back to using groundwater instead of desalinated supply water, in their barracks’ toilets.
MNDF has two main barracks for accommodation in Male’; Kalhuthukkalaa Koshi and Bandaara Koshi, where access to supply water has been cut off in their toilets, and common soldiers are forced to use salinated groundwater.
The Male’ groundwater was declared unfit for use due to pollution, however, the soldiers have been forced to use it out of necessity.
A soldier told TMJ that even though the lower-level officers have been denied access to desalinated water, the senior officers still have access to desalinated water. He said that authorities made the decision as a means to minimize cost and it was totally unacceptable.
The MNDF Information Officer had no comment on the matter.
While the MNDF attempts to reduce cost by limiting clean water access, the Maldives Police Service continues to deny their officers living at Iskandhar Koshi, a functional washing machine and iron.
Much like the current administration, the first MDP-leg government had also been negligent towards the needs of the law enforcement.