Thursday 25th Jul 2024
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Qasim Ibrahim

Qasim’s Villa Company received MVR 413 million in govt compensation

Statistics released by the Ministry of Finance revealed that since Ibrahim Mohamed Solih came into office, the government paid MVR 413 million to coalition-partner Jumhooree Party leader and MP for the Maamigili constituency, Qasim Ibrahim’s Villa Group in compensation.
Under the “Right to Information Act”, TMJ requested for the statistics that revealed that Villa Company received compensation payouts twice within the last 4 years
According to the revealed data, Villa was paid twice on account of Supreme Court rulings. Qasim’s company first received MVR 231,300,000 (MVR 231.3 million) in compensation, in the year 2019.
This payout came about as the Supreme Court ordered the state to compensate WLT for the financing cost of USD 13.2 million for denying the company rights to GDh. Raalheodegalla, Th. Olhugiri and Dh. Maafushi.
The statistics showed that Qasim’s Villa Company again received a hefty MVR 181,802,922 (MVR 181.8 million) in 2021. This payout was made on account of another Supreme Court ruling issued in the year 2020.
With that, the compensation received by Villa over the course of President Solih’s administration comes to a resounding total of MVR 413,102,922 (MVR 413.1 million).