Thursday 25th Jul 2024
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Qasim Ibrahim

Qasim says he would have been the President if he wanted

Leader of Jumhooree Party and MP for the Maamigili constituency, Qasim Ibrahim, said that he would have been the President of Maldives if he served only in political self-interest.
Speaking on RajjeTV’s “Araairu” program, Qasim said that he wasn’t one to heedlessly pursue rulership and that his sole goal during his political career has been the country’s betterment and prosperity.
Qasim claimed that he was “not a politician”. He clarified that the only reason he runs for parliament to claim his seat is to have a voice and influence reform, which he does earnestly.
Qasim said that he has no intention of acquiring leadership, regardless of the consequences. Moreover, he had no desire to be president of the Maldives.