Tuesday 25th Jun 2024
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Qasim Ibrahim

Qasim: Refuge with the British saved Maldives great hardship

Leader of Jumhooree Party and MP for the Maamigili constituency Qasim Ibrahim said that had the British people not given us security and offered refuge, the Maldives would have had to endure immense hardship.
When MPs were given the opportunity to speak on the parliament floor addressing the death of Her Majesty the Queen Elizibeth II, Qasim had offered his condolences and acknowledged the contributions of the English people.
Qasim said that Britain had offered their services generously to the Maldives during the reign of her majesty. Qasim acknowledged the alms accepted from the British government which aided in the advancement of Maldives.
Moreover, Qasim also said that if the country had not received the much needed security in foreign affairs “back in the day”, Maldives would have suffered great hardship.
Qasim reminisced that Maldives had been targeted by multiple nations worldwide. Furthermore, when the people gained enough knowledge and confidence to manage their own diplomatic relations, Qasim said that the Queen had granted that freedom as well.
Finally, Qasim claimed that the Maldivians owed her much gratitude for her generosity.