Sunday 21st Jul 2024
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Minister Fayyaz

Pornography is the only form of entertainment for 80 percent of the people in the atolls: Fayyaz

Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) Chairperson and Economic Minister Fayyaz Ismail have said that pornography is the only form of entertainment for eighty percent of the people in atolls.
Fayyaz’s statement came in response to a message sent by former president and MDP president Mohamed Nasheed in MDP National Council’s official Whatsapp group.
President Nasheed sent a string of messages defending some of the statements he had made in parliament concerning the reasons for the migration of atoll people to the city.
The former president and Speaker of the parliament had highlighted lack of entertainment establishments in the atolls to be one of the reasons people migrate and stated that the new generation finds the urban city life much more interesting than the simple island-life.
Defending his statement, President Nasheed wrote that he never implied that lack of entertainment faculties was the sole reason for migration, although since most people had graduated tenth grade with O’levels, they are drawn to the larger-than-life aspects of the world.
Furthermore, the former president said that not one island has a cinema house and despite most islands having guest houses and cafes there is a significant lack of “things to do” around the island.
In response to Nasheed’s message about cinemas and lack of activities, Fayyaz said that everyone has internet and 80 percent of the islanders entertain themselves with pornography.
Fayyaz has previously made a statement on twitter, indicating that most men working in Maldivian offices engaged in homosexual activities.