Monday 22nd Jul 2024
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Ikram appointed as DMD of WAMCO despite allegations of corruption

Former Deputy Managing Director and Acting Managing Director at Maldive Gas, Ali Ikram, who resigned in the middle of corruption and sexual harassment allegations has been appointed as the Deputy Managing Director at Waste Management Corporation (WAMCO).
Ikram was first accused of sexually harassing female employees by using the power and influence of his post at Maldive Gas and his resignation came while he was suspended for these accusations. When he resigned, the State and Enterprise Committee of the People’s Majlis was also looking into the corruption and sexual harassment allegations made toward Ikram.
Ikram was accused of being involved in the oxygen cylinders corruption scandal during the Covid-19 pandemic as well. He was summoned by the parliament’s SOE Committee to answer for the allegations, to which he claimed that he was being framed by the team responsible for SOE committee’s internal audit.
Ikram is close with First Lady Fazna Ahmed and had previously threatened his former employees asserting that he cannot be charged with the alleged misconduct.
Ikram’s recent appointment has generated backlash from MDP activists on Twitter.
Despite claiming to have a zero-tolerance policy toward corruption, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has continued to condone and employ such people accused of corruption.