Tuesday 21st May 2024
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Hisan appointed as head of PO Comms department

President’s Office Undersecretary Hisan Ali Fahmy has been tasked to head the Office’s Communication’s Department.
The Department was previously headed by PO’s Foreign Relations Department head and former Spokesperson Ibrahim Hoodh.
In a message to the President’s Office Media Group, Hoodh confirmed that he was taking a step back and from now on, he would be working in the Office’s Foreign Relations Department.
Hoodh also announced his successor, who would be taking on the role, effective from Monday.
Hisan is a close associate of former head of the Department, Hassan Ismail. Ismail was removed from the position after sexual harassment allegations against a female journalist.
Hisan had previously worked in Dhiraagu, having had completed his education in Marketing and International Business from Australia’s Victoria University. He joined the administration in 2019.