Tuesday 21st May 2024
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Sexual crimes

Sex scandal: new video surfaces of Alamgir with an MPS officer

A fresh sex tape, 30 minutes long, is circulating in social media.
MD Alamgir, the Bangladeshi citizen famous for engaging in homosexual acts with several high-profile individuals, is seen with an officer of Maldives Police Service (MPS).
Reportedly, the MPS officer is Sargent Abdu Rahman Rafeeu. He is attached to the Drug Enforcement Department. Ten MPS officers have confirmed to Dhiyares that the individual seen in the new sex tape is Rafeeu.
Rafeeu is also seen trying to coax Alamgir into taking drugs as well. The 30-minute-long video is the longest one made public so far.
Following the publication of the sex tape, Rafeeu has upped the privacy on social media accounts. He is yet to make a statement.
Defense lawyers speaking to Dhiyares, said that a significant number of their clients have claimed that Rafeeu would inappropriately touch the suspects while searching them.
In addition to Rafeeu, ex-MP Mohamed Nasheed (Colonel Nasheed) and lawyer Nazim Sattar have been implicated in the sex scandal. Videos and screengrabs of all three individuals have been leaked on social media. Sources say that Alamgir had recorded 42 individuals in total.
MPS has confiscated the passports of Alamgir, Mohamed Nasheed (Colonel Nasheed) and Nazim Sattar.
In a press conference in June, MPS had revealed that they were investigating extortion and blackmail attempts in connection to the sex tapes. Even though MPS had said they had made headway into the case, having identified who were in the video.
One arrest has been made – the arrest was made for blackmail attempts, using the video. Police barracks and a vehicle of the agency’s welfare company POLCO, was searched.
Heavy public criticism has flowed against MPS failing to make arrests of any individuals in the videos.
Clause 412 (b) of the Penal Code forbids homosexual conduct, while clause 42 (a) and (b) of the Sexual Offenses act criminalizes any homosexual act, irrespective of whether it was consensual or not. Moreover, homosexual conduct is forbidden in Islam and Islamic shariah has clear laws on the matter.