Thursday 30th Nov 2023
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Andhun Hussain

UNGA President’s right hand man caught in sex scandal

South Henveyru Constituency Member of Parliament Hussain Shaheem is the latest casualty in the bizarre sets of leaks that have gripped the country over the weekend.
Shaheem, who is a close associate of United Nation’s General Assembly President and Foreign Minister Abdullah Shahid, is seen in bed with a man and a woman – all were naked in the picture. The picture also shows a glass containing what is believed to be alcohol, perched on the bed’s headrest.

The photo was leaked by an anonymous twitter account, going by the handle of Mvleak 2.0, on Friday evening.

A tweet posted on the account said that Shaheem and Economic Development Minister Fayyaz Ismail’s attempts to besmirch Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed was a dangerous game and that the results would not be pretty.

Speaker Nasheed’s brother, lawyer Nazim Abdu Sattar, is also mired in his own sex scandal, after a video of him having sex with a man, was posted on social media earlier on Friday.

Shaheem had denied all claims against him. No other statement has been issued.