Sunday 2nd Oct 2022
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Ministry of Finance

MP Hussain Shameem requests to disclose the expenses by HDC to welcome the new MD

Minister of Finance, Ibrahim Ameer has been asked to look into the details of the funds and resources expended by HDC on its celebration of the appointment of their new Managing Director.
Member of Parliament for the Henveiru Dhekunu constituency, Hussain Shaheem (Andhun Hussain) made his request in today’s parliament meeting.
He said that at a point where the government has declared its intention to minimize expenses, promotions within state-owned companies are being celebrated with an enthusiasm even lacking in the welcome of diplomatic entities.
Andhun Hussain accused management of distributing hundreds of thousands of Maldivian Rufiyaa to whomever they pleased. The MP asked the minister whether he was made aware of such acts or if it’s done without his knowledge.
In response to the question, Minister Amir said that the state-owned companies don’t manage their day-to-day budgeting and other expenses exactly as instructed by the ministry. Furthermore, since these corporations themselves have a Board of Directors and an MD, Amir said that they are run as independent bodies.
However, Amir stated that the corporations that seems to be spending “excessively” have already been advised to mind their finances and if there’s a specific point the MD wishes for him to look into, the ministry will do that.
Andhun Hussain had then proceeded to make a request to the minister to look into the expenses depleted for cerebrations of HDC’s new MD appointment.
The MP noted that he had learned from reliable resources that HDC has funded the celebrations through it’s CSR funds and expects the minister to detail the resources spent on the events.
HDC appointed its former DMD, Ahmed Athif as the Managing Director following the resignation of his predecessor. Therefore, Athif was given a grand traditional Maldivian welcome when he came to the office on Monday.
Bidhabin Boduberu group had walked behind the new MD singing and dancing in traditional band attire all the way to HDC building, while the employees waited at the entrance. The event was concluded with cake cutting and tea.