Tuesday 5th Jul 2022
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State exhausts Aasandha budget for the year

Finance Ministry statistics show that the state has spent the whole budget set aside for the national health insurance scheme, Aasandha.
Ministry publications show that by June 9th, MVR 795 million (US$ 51.8 million) had been spent. For this year, MVR 730 million (US$ 47.5 million) was budgeted for Aasandha.
At the mid-year mark in 2021, the state had spent MVR 658 million (US$ 42.8 million). By the year end, the state had spent twice that was budget – MVR 1.5 billion (US$ 97.7 million).
Majority of Aasandha expenditure goes towards paying private hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies. Economic experts have recommended that Aasandha scheme needs to be overhauled, to maximize services given to citizens.