Saturday 15th Jun 2024
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National security committee to review threat against Speaker

Central Maafannu Constituency Member of Parliament Ibrahim Rasheed (Bonde) has submitted the case of a threatening message made on Parliament Speaker former President Mohamed Nasheed, to the Parliament Committee on National Security Services.
The Committee is also known as the 241 committee, labelled after the clause by which it was founded.
MP Rasheed had shared a screenshot of the message he had received to a Whatsapp group of the ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP). The screenshot, allegedly from MDP’s former leader Ibrahim Ismail, said that Nasheed would be missing from the scene after May 15th. The respondent had said that Nasheed would either leave the nation or stay on a side.
MP Rasheed added that he had alerted the Parliament Secretary General and Chair of the 241 Committee, stating that he had requested the Committee to review this as a serious case.
May 14th is the date for Chairperson elections for MDP. President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih is backing Economic Minister Fayyaz Ismail – who is Ibrahim Ismail’s brother.
Ismail, or commonly known as Ibra, is a vocal critic of Nasheed, often taking to social media to air his grievances. He has continued to accuse Nasheed for masterminding his expulsion from the leadership position.