Saturday 20th Jul 2024
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15 Maldivian Nationals Safely Evacuated Out Of Ukraine Into Hungary: MoFA

The Maldivian Foreign Ministry has announced that 15 Maldivian nationals who had been residing in Ukraine have been safely transported to Hungary. The Foreign Ministry's Communications Director Miuvaan Mohamed stated that the Maldivian nationals were now in Budapest.
The Maldivian nationals had been residing in Ukraine's Ivano-Frankvisk, they had crossed the Ukraine-Hungary border at 11:30pm Maldivian time last night. The team that had been assigned to receive them at the Hungarian border transported them safely to Budapest, said Miuvaan.
He said that the Maldivian nationals in Budapest would be transported back to the Maldives in the next two days.
He said that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was "working round the clock" to transport the remaining 9 Maldivian nationals in the eastern part of Ukraine to the Hungarian border in the west. He said that the Maldivian embassy in Germany were in constant contact with the nationals.
He also said that students residing in Belarus were also being looked after. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that Grodno State Medical University, where a lot of Maldivian students attend, had issued a statement assuring the safety and security of their students.