Saturday 20th Jul 2024
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Several Maldivian Students Still Stuck In Ukraine As Russia Begins Attack

The Maldivian Foreign Ministry has announced that several Maldivian students may still be stuck in Ukraine after Ukraine closed its airspace early this morning.
The Foreign Ministry said that 5 Maldivian students were still stuck in Kharkiv, a Ukrainian city near the Russian border. It is the second-most populous city in Ukraine, and its surrounding regions are currently under attack from Russian military forces.
The Foreign Ministry said that the Maldivian embassy in Berlin, Germany was still in contact with the Maldivian students in Ukraine. The students were safe, the Ministry stated.
Foreign media outlets have reported explosions in the eastern and southern regions of Ukraine.
14 Maldivian students are currently present in Ivano-Frankvisk, in Ukraine's east, and one student is in another city. The Ministry said that they were closely watching those students, and that they, too, were safe.
While Ukraine had more than 50 students, 35 of them resided in Kharkiv. 5 students have since returned to the Maldives, and 20 other students had begun their return home.
However, 20 more students remain in Ukraine.
Ukraine's airspace has closed as a result of the Russian attacks on Ukraine early this morning; the media have reported several explosions in different parts of Ukraine.