Thursday 20th Jun 2024
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Qasim Ibrahim

Embarassing the Govt By Not Voting for MDP's Candidate Will Slow Down Projects Planned for Constituency, Says Ruling Coalition Partner

Qasim Ibrahim; the leader of the ruling-coalition partner Jumhooree Party; has implied that projects that would benefit the Komandoo constituency would slow down if the MDP's candidate were to lose the upcoming bi-election.
Speaking at a campaign event at Maroshi (Shaviyani Atoll) today, in the presence of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and Majlis Speaker Mohamed Nasheed, Qasim had urged the people of the Komandoo constituency to vote for the MDP's candidate.
"If you elect someone else, and vote for someone else--and if you embarass the MDP government, the MDP, and the President, or if you distress him, then would the projects planned for this constituency proceed at a fast speed?" he asked. "The answer is no, isn't it?" he exclaimed.
Qasim said that he had chosen to take to the campaign trail instead of staying home in his old age because he wished the citizens well, and because President Solih was his coalition partner.