Sunday 21st Jul 2024
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I Am The Candidate President Solih Wished Komandoo Residents To Vote For: Moosa Fathuhy

The opposition Progressive Party of Maldives' candidate of the recently-vacated Komandoo parliamentary seat, Moosa Fathuhy, has stated that a vote for him would be in-line with what President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih had requested of the Komandoo constituency.
President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, speaking at the event to inaugurate the Maldivian Democratic Party's (MDP) campaign, had requested the residents of Komandoo to vote for a candidate who was "capable of serving the people". He had also requested the people vote against "theft and corruption".
The MDP's candidate for the seat is Mohamed Rasheed.
Making reference to President Solih's speech at the campaign event, Fathuhy said that he had first become katheeb (i.e. island-chief) of Komandoo at the age of 16. He said that the generator at Komandoo's powerhouse, and the electrical cables in the island, had been paid for with the money Komandoo's residents had earned from fishing. Therefore, said Fathuhy, President Solih's request that the vote be cast for someone who had worked towards Komandoo's development was a vote cast in his name.
Referring to President Solih's request that "theft and corruption" not be voted for, Fathuhy stated that he had no connection to the massive embezzlement scandals that the government had found itself in during the pandemic. Therefore, he said, President Solih had inadverdently called for a vote for Fathuhy.
Speaking on his accomplishments, Fathuhy said that he had played a leading role in the development of Dhuvaafaru (Raa Atoll) and Vilifushi (Thaa Atoll) following the 2004 Tsunami.