Saturday 15th Jun 2024
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Maldives Govt Denies Plans For Ties With Israel

The Maldivian government has denied the allegations being reported by the Israeli media that the Maldives would be the next country to establish diplomatic ties with Israel.
A story published in The Times of Israel quotes diplomatic sources that the Maldives and Comoros would be next in establishing ties with Israel. The Times reported that both countries were currently in talks with Israel prior to the establishment of those ties.
Miuvaan Mohamed, the Director of Communications at the Foreign Ministry, denied the allegations in the report and had said that the Maldivian government was not doing any work towards establishing diplomatic ties with Israel.
The Times reported that the Israeli government was working on establishing ties with Muslim-majority countries in the Indian Ocean. The sources the report had quoted stated that it seemed unlikely that such ties could be made public in the near future.
Comoros is an island-nation in the Indian Ocean that has never recognised the State of Israel as legitimate. However, the mediation of American diplomats had brought about talks between Israeli and Comorian officials in October 2021.
The Maldives, under President Nasir, had recognised Israel for a short time until all diplomatic ties had been suspended by President Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom. President Mohamed Nasheed, during the first MDP government, re-established ties between the Maldives and Israel. The former Foreign Minister Ahmed “Kerafa”Naseem; currently the Minister of Health; and the former Defence Minister Ameen Faisal had traveled to Israel and had met and discussed matters with their officials.
Israel’s national airline had also arranged flights to the Maldives. The work had come to a halt as a result of public pressure.