Sunday 14th Jul 2024
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RaajjeMv Smear-Article Describes PPM Members As Pagans, Compares Support Of India Out Movement To Aiding The Antichrist

RaajjeMv has compared members of the opposition Progressive Party of Maldives to pagans.
RaajjeMv is a website managed by MP Ahmed Saleem (MDP-Hoarafushi), and the website is instrumental in the dissemination of the party’s propaganda.
An opinion-piece published on the website on Monday read that “there was no difference between PPM members and the people of the Days of Ignorance who went out to weep for the disbelievers who had been killed at the Battle of Badr”.
The Days of Ignorance, or jāhiliyyah, is the Islamic term for the period of time prior to the prophethood of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ; and the Battle of Badr was the first of many battles fought between the Prophet ﷺ and the pagans of Mecca.
The people who had gone to weep for the dead pagans were pagans themselves.
RaajjeMv’s opinion-piece, by this expression, equates PPM members with pagans.
The article had also compared supporting the “India Out” movement to supporting the Antichrist.
In addition, the piece refers to former President Dr Mohamed Waheed with the rude description of “Sticky-Palated Waheed”.
The opinion piece was published under the pseudonym of “Dhelikopee”, but was reviewed by Imadh Latheef.
Latheef has a long history of publishing slanderous articles under false names.
As the article published in RaajjeMv has effectively described PPM members as pagans, using such language has been recently criminalised by an amendment to the Penal Code. As per the Article 124(a) of the Code, publicly characterising a Muslim as being an apostate or a disbeliever in Islam, as long as they do not publicly express an utterance of disbelief or publicly apostatise, is a first-degree crime. The mandatory sentence for the crime is a prison sentence of 4 years and 24 months.
Despite RaajjeMv’s frequent use of such abusive and degrading language, its decline in popularity and readership has meant that much of it has gone unnoticed by the public at large.