Thursday 20th Jun 2024
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Fenaka Implores Suppliers to Fund Raajje TV Sponsorship

Fenaka implores its suppliers for contributions to fund streaming the UEFA Euro 2021 on Raajje TV.
An email from Fenaka circulated on social media. The company thanked the supplier for working with them, claiming that they could never have reached their goal of transforming the utility sector without the help of their vendors.
The email read that the company required assistance in providing Raajje TV with sponsorship funds, expressing gratitude for any amount the vendor chose to contribute.
It further stated that Fenaka wanted to "join hands with" its suppliers to bring the joy of Euro 2021 to Maldives amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, and to reply to the email if the vendor needed the company's account details. The email concluded with Fenaka hoping their stockists will chip in for the cause.
A source informed Dhiyares the sister news outlet of TMJ, that Fenaka is unable to accumulate the sponsor amount themselves, beseeching its dealers to donate instead.
While Fenaka is attempting to provide Raajje TV with a substantial amount of sponsorship funds, numerous contractors complain that the company has yet to pay what they are owed.
Fenaka officials have requested varying amounts from their contractors, to pay news outlets and reporters. Managing Director Ahmed Saeed plays a significant role in these pursuits.