Sunday 14th Jul 2024
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MP Ali Niyaz

Opposition Are Nervous That Others May Take Credit For Yameen's Work: MP Niyaz

MP Ali Niyaz (MDP-Hulhumale) has claimed that the opposition Progressive Party of Maldives were "scared" that others may take credit for the Hiyaa Towers that had been built in Hulhumale.
Speaking during an appearance on RaajjeTV, MP Niyaz said that the opposition were nervous that others may take credit for the Hiyaa flats and that even though the rally were to not be held in the area, everybody knew that the work on the project had been initiated under Yameen's administration.
MP Niyaz said that he had "seen in a report" that work on the flats had only been 30% complete by the end of Yameen's presidency, and that the remaining 70% had been completed by the Solih administration. However, he had said, nobody was trying to take credit for the flats and that there was no cause for concern.
Defending the government's blocking of the opposition's plans to hold a rally in the Hiyaa Towers area, MP Niyaz had said that if the former President Yameen had done any good, he would get the credit and political benefits of that good and there was no need to hastily organise a rally in the Hiyaa Towers area. He said that instead of doing so, the rallies could be held once the "roads and things" in the Hiyaa Towers area were ready.