Sunday 21st Jul 2024
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Police Protected MDP Activists As They Dismantled Opposition's Rally Preparations

Activists of the ruling Maldivian Democractic Party made attempts to take down the flags and preparations made by the opposition Progressive Congress Coalition for Friday night's rally in the Hiyaa Towers area in Hulhumale Phase 2.
At some point last night, the Maldives Police Service had co-operated with MDP activists in taking down the flags set up by the opposition. Hassan Iyadh, the Maafannu-South president of the MDP National Council, had lead the attempt. The Maldives Police Service had guarded Iyadh as he removed the flags.
Other MDP activists other than Iyadh had also been active in the area.
The Maldives Police Service had declined to comment on any questions posed on the matter.
Although the Male City Council had granted the opposition coalition permission to organise a rally in the area, the Housing Development Corporation had opposed the proceedings and had claimed that the coalition could not go forward with the rally without the Corporation's permission. In response, the Male City Council cancelled the Hulhumale land registry that had been granted to the Corporation.
In addition, the HDC had requested the Police to put a stop to the rally. Last night, the Police had barricaded the area.