Monday 5th Dec 2022
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Patriotic Maldivians Must Take This Country Back: Opposition

The opposition Progressive Congress Coalition have called on the public to reflect on the state of the country today and to “come out and take back the nation”. The Coalition made this statement in a press release made in observance of Victory Day.
The press release began in praise of God, who granted the nation victory over “the traitors who attacked the capital of this nation, Malé, in the early morning hours of Thursday, November 3, 1988; 33 years ago; in an attempt to deprive the nation of its independence and sovereignty”.
The press release praised the courage of the Maldivian armed forces and stated that “God had granted this victory through an army of brave Maldivian soldiers”.
The press release commemorated the sacrifice of the martyrs that day, and prayed for their bliss in Paradise.
The press release extended the well-wishes of Victory Day to all Maldivian citizens on behalf of the former President Yameen Abdul Gayyoom, the leadership of the Progressive Congress Coalition, and the members of the Joint Council and Steering Committee.
The press release stated that although no armed terrorists were attacking the country, as had happened 33 years ago: there were many threats to sovereignty and independence that were facing the nation.
As examples of these threats, the press release cited the selling off of national assets, the traps being set by opaque agreements being made between the Indian and Maldivian governments, and the arrangements being made for the establishment of Indian soldiers in the country. The release said that the dangers these matters posed to national sovereignty were “unimaginable”.
The press release called for a new generation of Maldivians with “patriotic blood”, just like the soldiers who defended the country in 1988. If the Maldivian people did not act now, the release said, it was near impossible for Maldivians to take this country back. The Maldivian people should come out to take this country back, it urged.
The opposition has launched a campaign, comprising of a petition and heavy street demonstrations, against the growing Indian military presence in the Maldives and calling for the nullification of secret military agreements made between India and the Solih administration.