Tuesday 16th Apr 2024
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Hiyaa Flats

PPM Govt Will Partially Reimburse Tenants For Finishing Costs: MP Shiyam

MP Ahmed Shiyam (Naifaru) has said that a PPM government will partially compensate all of the 7,000 tenants for the costs they incurred in furnishing the Hiyaa flats developed in the Hulhumalé Phase 2 area.
During the debate in the Majlis on a motion submitted by MP Ahmed Saleem (Hoarafushi) calling for docking services to be provided for cargo ships in the Ihavandhippolhu region; the far north of the Maldives; MP Shiyam stated that former President Yameen did not merely produce drawings of projects.
MP Shiyam pointed out the airport project initiated by the Yameen administration. He asked how tourism would be managed in the Maldives had that project not been initiated. He also pointed to the Malé-Hulhumalé Bridge and remarked on the numerous social and economic advantages that came about as a result of the bridge.
MP Shiyam said that the citizens wanted housing, and President Yameen’s solution could be seen in the Hulhumalé Phase 2 area. Although, he said, the members of the Majlis were thought that the Hiyaa flats did not have accommodation for newlyweds, members of the SOE Committee had visited those flats and seen their spaciousness for themselves.
MP Shiyam said called on tenants of the Hiyaa flats to hold onto all bills and invoices for the costs they incurred in furnishing the flats themselves. He said that the coming PPM government will set a threshold cost, and reimburse all tenants who had spent below that threshold.