Monday 22nd Jul 2024
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MVR 5 Million Spent On President’s New York Visit

The President’s Office has disclosed that a total of MVR 5.3 million was spent on President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s visit to New York from September 18 to 26.
Dhiyares had submitted a request for information with the President’s Office. Dhiyares had requested for the following information:
The members of the President’s delegation, their number, and each member’s role in the trip,
The broken down cost of the trip,
Copies of the receipts and invoices for all of the expenses incurred during the trip.
According to the President’s Office, the entire visit had cost MVR 5،354،709.08, in total.
Food and accommodation: MVR 2,106,515.75
Airfare: MVR 2،344،256،3
Transportation cost: 577،206.07
Incidentals and pocket money :
The President’s Office had said that the entire delegation had comprised of 15 individuals. Their names had also been provided.
Despite the information provided by the President’s Office, there is reason to suspect its validity. Despite Dhiyares’ request for copies of receipts and invoices, these copies had not been provided.
Likewise, many people who had accompanied the President had not been named in the list provided by the President’s Office. Among those not named is Environment Minister, Aminath Shauna, who had appeared with President Solih in official photographs taken in New York.
Due to such discrepancies, Dhiyares has submitted a request that the provided information be reviewed.