Tuesday 24th May 2022
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Yameen Chose Nation Over The Party: Abdul Raheem

Former MP Abdul Raheem Abdullah (Fonadhoo), the interim president of the opposition coalition, said that former President Yameen Abdul Gayyoom; the leader of the opposition’s largest party, PPM; valued this nation over the party.
Abdul Raheem made this statement during a flag raising ceremony held outside PPM’s offices last night to commemorate the 10th anniversary of its founding.
Choosing to wear a “Defend Maldives” t-shirt for the ceremony in favour of the party’s colours, he said that the choice had been made to reflect the former President Yameen’s preference of the nation over the party, and to demonstrate that the PPM was a party that was for the people. He expressed his concern about the “unjust treatment” the former President was receiving at the hands of the Solih administration.
Abdul Raheem highlighted the origins of the PPM in his speech. He said that the nation suffered under the MDP’s rule, referring to the Nasheed administration of 2008-2012. “The nations assets were being sold off. Different religions were allowed to take root. The citizens were impoverished. The DRP, the opposition at the time, could not fulfil their responsibilities—so President Maumoon and Yameen joined together to found the PPM”, said Abdullah.
He said that the greatest challenge had been that the Nasheed administration had given Velana International Airport to the GMR Group. He said that although many opposition figures had joined their effort to retake the airport from GMR, many of them disappeared soon after.
He said that Yameen was one person who stuck to the cause unwaveringly.
He said that the Maldives saw unprecedented development under the Yameen administration that “changed the map”.
He said that he protected Islam in this land and did not allow for any blasphemy in his rule.
Abdul Raheem said that the former President’s prison term will reach its second year in November, and he noted that his suffering was “unjust”. He said that the former President was being patient with his situation for the sake of the people and the nation. Which leader would stay in jail for two years? he asked. He said that the former President rejected all kinds of offers and stayed in the Maldives because he wished to sincerely serve the nation.