Monday 22nd Jul 2024
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Failed Mayoral Candidate Appointed as State Minister

President Solih has appointed Abdullah Sodiq (Sobe') as Minister of state for national planning, housing, and infrastructure.
Sobe' is the former mayor of Addu City, the largest city in the Maldives after capital Male'. Sobe' contested in ruling party MDP's primary to win the party's ticket for the mayoral race. However, he lost to the current mayor of Addu City.
He was first appointed as the atoll councilor of Addu City Council in 2008 after former president Nasheed assumed power. After that, he won a seat in the first-ever local council elections and has been the mayor of Addu City since then.
It should be noted that the government appointed Anas Abdul Sattar as the state minister for Finance and Treasury after he lost the mayoral race for Male' City. Senior MDP activists who lost local council elections are being appointed to various government positions.