Sunday 14th Jul 2024
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Maldivian Found Dead in Italy

A Maldivian who was settled in Italy was found brutally murdered.
The deceased was, HDh.Nolhivaranfaru, Vaimatheege Mahmood Imad of 44 years. Speaking to “The Maldives Journal” Imad’s family said that they received the news from Imad’s wife who is from Italy. However, at the moment his wife and father-in-law are in the Maldives. Imad’s body was discovered by his mother-in-law.
Imad’s family stated that although the media claims that Imad had been tortured before death it is not yet confirmed. “There was no sign of a wound on his body” Imad’s wife had told the family. However, his phone was smashed to pieces.
Imad's family had said that Imad has been living in Italy, Milan for 8 years. He had traveled back to Italy in May and he had taken tickets to return to the Maldives on the 20th of this month. To earn a living Imad had been taking on small projects while he resided in Italy.
Imad’s family further said that they have not received any assistance from the relevant authorities so far. The family had contacted Foreign Ministry to get their assistance after they had explained the situation the ministry had told them they will get back to the family, however, no assistance or call has been made by the Ministry to the family.