Saturday 24th Feb 2024
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Dr. Afrashim’s killer Humaam suffering from severe mental illnesses!

Hussain Humaam, who murdered former MP for the Ungoofaaru constituency, Dr. Afrashim Ali in cold blood has “gone mad” in imprisonment, mentally unstable and possibly deranged.
Humaam was sentenced to death in Dr. Afrasheem’s murder case and he has been in custody since 2012. The Supreme Court of the Maldives had maintained the ruling of the lower court after his lawyers’ appeal.
TMJ had acquired audio recordings in which Humaam could be heard screaming and crying loudly in his jail cell as well as him saying incoherent things that were senseless.
An officer at Maldives Correctional Services told TMJ that they do not believe Humaam to be sane-minded. He said that Humaam has attempted self-harm where he repeatedly hit his head on the wall and wounded himself. Additionally, he said that Humaam had once flung his feces at the officer when he approached the prisoner’s cell.
A video released by Humaam’s parents following their visit to him in jail, showed evidence of self-harm on Humaam’s body.
The officer said that there was not much that corrections can do in such situations since there is no such arrangement or facility in the Maldives to separate unstable inmates and keep them secluded.
Humaam is one of the three people sentenced to death, gone through all the steps other than the execution itself and even the Supreme court has maintained their death penalties. The other two people on death row are Murrath, M. Masroora, who killed lawyer Ahmed Najeeb in 2012 and Mohamed Nabeel, G. Reef who killed Abdulla Farhaad.