Sunday 14th Jul 2024
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President Yameen's Court Case

Both Parties Request to Present New Evidence to Supreme Court in Pres. Yameen's Case

Former President Yameen Abdul Gayoom’s defense and the Prosecutor General’s Office have proposed the presentation of new evidence to the Supreme Court in the appeal of the Criminal Court verdict on the former president.
As the High Court maintained the Criminal Court’s conviction of money laundering, President Yameen’s first appeal hearing was held at the Supreme Court today.
Seven of the 22 appeal points have been presented to the court. The points include the verdict is unrelated to the matters President Yameen was questioned about during the investigation, the former president’s statements in the Criminal Court were not reviewed by the High Court, and issues with the High Court’s course of action regarding the Criminal Court’s legal mistakes.
The rest of the points are to be presented at the next hearing at 9 am on Monday.
Before the conclusion of today’s hearing, head of the bench Justice Mahaz Ali stated that former President Yameen has requested to present new evidence.
As per Justice Mahaz, the state’s response form also presented new evidence.
The judge claimed that the presentation of new evidence will be decided upon after both parties discuss the matter in court.
President Yameen’s lawyer Shiyaz revealed that the evidence on the former president’s behalf shows that former Vice President Ahmed Adeeb is in possession of the former president’s money.