Monday 17th Jun 2024
Dhivehi Edition
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President Yameen's Court Case

Lawyers Request Supreme Court to Release Pres. Yameen on Bail

The legal defense for former President Yameen Abdul Gayoom has implored the Supreme Court to release him on bail.
In addition to releasing him on bail, the lawyers have also proposed the court enforce the five-year prison sentence issued by the Criminal Court. During today’s hearing to appeal the Criminal Court verdict, Dr. Mohamed Jameel Ahmed implored President Yameen to be released on bail, and stated that he requires some time to reply to the state’s response regarding the enforcement of the verdict being halted.
Justice Mahaz Ali on the bench inquired how much time is needed to form a response. Dr. Jameel requested a period of two days.
However, the state requested both parties discuss bail and for President Yameen’s defense to respond during today’s hearing.
Justice Mahaz has decided for the points of appeal to be presented today. The judge has also provided a two-day duration to prepare for the matter concerning bail.