Tuesday 3rd Oct 2023
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Indian High commissioner

News Channel Stopped from Taking Footage of the Indian High Commission

The Maldives Police Services interrupted the Camera crew and presenters of the “Dhivehi Channel” from securing footage of Maldivians waiting in queue to apply for a Visa at the India High Commission.
On Wednesday “Dhivehi Channel” attempted to secure footage of Maldivians standing in the queue in front of the Indian High Commission to apply for a Visa. However, two members of the staff from the High Commission spoke with the two Police Officers who guard the High Commission leading them to stop the Videoing and the news channel was further told that they are not allowed to take any footage that involves the Indian High Commission.
However, the High Commission is not situated in an area that does not allow photography or videos. Places that do not allow photography or video is banned with a signboard. Most places that don’t allow for photography and video are near the Maldives National Defence Force headquarters and other security buildings as well as in front of the residence of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.
Therefore, no law can make the Police interfere with anyone taking photographs or pictures at a location that does not have the banned sign.
It is known that previously the Indian High Commission had requested the government to take action against the Maldivian reporters