Monday 22nd Jul 2024
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India has agreed to expedite the withdrawal of troops: Foreign Ministry

India has agreed to expedite the withdrawal of Indian troops from Maldives, the Foreign Ministry said. The first meeting of the High Level Core Group between Maldives and India was held today. The meeting was held at the Foreign Ministry of Maldives and highlighted the relations between the two countries. President Dr. Muizzu stated that India had confirmed their planned compliance with the deadline of March 15th that he proposed at the Core Group meeting.
The meeting is attended by Indian High Commissioner to Sri Lanka Munu Mahawar, the Indian Foreign Secretary and other senior officials from the country. Senior officials from the Foreign Ministry and the President's Office will also attend the meeting.
The leaders also discussed a number of issues of mutual interest and strengthening cooperation in the field of development, the ministry said.
The President had stated during his campaign that one of the major pledges of his presidency is the removal of Indian military from Maldives. The government has recently announced that there are currently 88 Indian troops in the country. The President told reporters at the airport after attending the COP 28 summit that the Indian government has agreed to withdraw its troops from Maldives. The president had earlier asked India to give them an exact date before March.