Tuesday 21st May 2024
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Maldives President Elect, Dr. Mohammed Muizz, Requests Withdrawal of Indian Military

Male, Maldives - In a significant development that reflects the shifting geopolitical dynamics in the Indian Ocean, President Elect Dr. Mohammed Muizz has formally requested H.E Munu Mahawar, the Indian High Commissioner to the Maldives, to withdraw the Indian military from Maldivian soil.
During their inaugural meeting post the elections, Dr. Muizz emphasized his commitment to fulfill his primary campaign pledge: to remove the Indian military presence across various locations in the Maldives. He voiced the sentiments of the Maldivian people, stating that the decision to ask for the military withdrawal is a representation of the nation's collective will.
H.E Munu Mahawar expressed understanding and assured Dr. Muizz that India would respect the decisions and sovereignty of the Maldives.
The presence of the Indian military in the Maldives became a contentious topic under the administration of the incumbent president, Solih, who permitted India to expand its military footprint on Maldivian territories. These decisions were met with some resistance domestically, culminating in the recent election where the issue of Indian military presence played a central role.
Dr. Muizz triumphed in the runoff election held on 30th September against President Solih. This electoral outcome can be seen as a reflection of the Maldivian public's desire to recalibrate its foreign relations and prioritize its sovereignty.
The new president is set to take the oath of office on 11th November 2023, with many anticipating a redefined relationship with India and a review of agreements that are perceived to undermine Maldivian sovereignty.