Thursday 9th Dec 2021
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President Nasheed

Police Delegation Travel to UK to Take Pres. Nasheed's Statement

Maldives Police Service has decided to send a team of officers to the United Kingdom to collect former President and incumbent Speaker of Parliament Mohamed Nasheed’s statement regarding the May 6 assassination attempt.
A reliable source has informed Dhiyares that a police delegation is to be sent to the UK to take the former president’s statement.
Although a team is to be sent to the UK, Dhiyares is yet to be informed of the date of departure. Police have not made an official statement on the matter as of yet.
Prosecutor Hussain Shameem has previously stated that despite several attempts, President Nasheed has yet to provide a statement. In response, Nasheed claimed that he is ready to provide a statement, with his younger brother Nazim Sattar as his lawyer.
Speaker Nasheed further stated that his body and the injuries he has sustained are statement enough.
The state has charged four individuals with various charges in relation to the attack.