Tuesday 25th Jun 2024
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Parliament Speaker Mohammed Nasheed Resigns Amidst No-Confidence Motion

Mohammed Nasheed, the Speaker of Parliament, resigned from his position yesterday, citing concerns over actions taken by the majority party that would permanently limit the powers of the parliament. The resignation comes in the midst of a looming no-confidence motion, signed by 49 Members of Parliament, which was on the agenda at the time of Nasheed's departure.
In a letter addressed to the Secretary General of Parliament, Al-Usthaza Fatimath Niusha, Nasheed expressed his apprehensions about the majority party, the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), asserting that it is undertaking measures that would irrevocably curtail the authority of the parliament.
The former Speaker emphasized the significance of resolving political matters through dialogue rather than relying on court settlements. Nasheed argued against the interference of the Supreme Court in the internal affairs of Parliament, stating that such involvement would risk politicizing court judgments and turning political issues into legal disputes.
The resignation letter concluded with Nasheed expressing his hope that members of Parliament would continue to uphold democratic principles and prioritize the interests of the people. His decision to step down reflects his belief that staying in office would only exacerbate the damage caused by the majority party's actions.