Wednesday 24th Jul 2024
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Jazeel Attacked Mandhy due to Constant Harassments

Mariyam Zubair (Mandhy), a long-time employee at the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) office and mother of South Galolhu MP Meekail Ahmed Naseem, was injured in a violent attack at the MDP office. The attacker Ahmed Jazeel said that he attacked due to the constant harassment that he was receiving from Mandhy.
Speaking to “The Maldives Journal” Jazeel said that in the past 6 months Mandhy and other staff of the MDP Office have been harassing him saying that he is gay and his Children are not his own. He said that Mandhy is the main person who harasses him daily.
Jazeel had said that “I did not hurt any innocent”. He said that those he assaulted were the ones who had bad-mouthed about his children.
Jazeel said that he has never been one to take sides therefore he has not taken aside. However, the harassment he receives is due to him not taking a side that Mandhy and the others want.
Regarding the attack rumors were spread that Jazeel attacked Mandhy due to salary not being given however, Jazeel said that this was a lie.
Speaking about the attack South Galolhu MP Meekail Ahmed Naseem tweeted that “The attack on her was not targeted and had nothing to do with politics; it was an indiscriminate attack on many people in the office by an intoxicated person.” Although Jazeel had said that he attacked Mandhy while he was in his senses but he did not deny that he is an addict.
“I did what I did while in my senses, I targeted those who are a threat to me,” Jazeel said. He also said that he has been enduring Mandhy’s harassment for the past 6 months and at times she sends others to harass him as well.
Due to being harassed continuously, Jazeel had taken the issue to the leadership of the party leading the issue to be discussed at the staff meeting. During the meeting, all members were asked to respect each other and to treat each other equally. Jazeel has been working as the maintenance staff of the party for quite some time. “I have been working with MDP since I was 16 years, now I am 39.” Jazeel was filled with emotion.
Many MDP supporters say that Jazeel has mental health issues however, Jazeel said that this was also a lie and that he had never had any mental issues in his life and that he is normally not a “violent” person.
Speaking about the salary issue Jazeel said that it has been quite a long that he had not received OT with his salary and that he believes that Mandhy and other staffs use the OT money for their personal use. He also said today he attacked not because of salary but because they said that he is not the father of his children.
Jazeel was very emotional while speaking with “The Maldives Journal” he explained that his life is in danger and that he suspects gangs have been informed to “chop him” up.