Thursday 9th Dec 2021
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President Nasheed

Pres. Nasheed Reveals Why He is Currently Unable to Return to Maldives

Former President and incumbent Speaker of Parliament Mohamed Nasheed has once again revealed the reasons why he is unable to return to the Maldives at this time.
He shared the reasons in a message to the Maldives Democratic Party (MDP) National Majilis WhatsApp group, which read that many have been inquiring about the date of his return.
According to Nasheed, three of the fingers on his right hand are still numb and unusable. “Three fingers on my right hand are still numb. Unusable. The doctor says another operation may be needed”, said Nasheed, revealing that he may have to undergo another surgery.
He claimed that he is required to see his doctor every two weeks and that it will be easier to return to Maldives once the visits are reduced to once a month. “Those who funded and planned the attack are yet to be found as well. These are the reasons why I am unable to return as of yet”.
While President Nasheed has stated that he is unable to return until those who funded and planned the attack are found, the investigation has not discovered any evidence of the attack being funded. Police also suspect that the attack was conducted by extremists.
Previously, Nasheed in a letter to parliament requested an extension on his leave as he is hesitant to return. He also requested parliament members not to harbor negative feelings regarding him currently residing abroad.