Sunday 21st Apr 2024
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Govt Spox Fails To Answer Question About the Promised Bridges in the Atolls

The government has not been able to clarify whether the atoll bridges will be constructed or not. This is a promise made during the presidential campaign of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.
During the Presidential campaign President, Ibrahim Mohamed Solih had vowed to build a bridge between GA. Koodoo and Villingili, also the islands in one lagoon of Thaa atoll as well as Lhaviyani atoll.
Speaking at a press conference held by the President's Office today, Spokesperson Mohamed Mabrook Azeez could not answer a question regarding the bridges that were promised by the President.
However, Mabrook said that things are very different from the time that the President was elected as the first two years of his candidacy had been fighting the pandemic Covid-19. Mabrook also said that once again what needs to be done first needs to be prioritized.
Mabrook said that the situation is gradually changing although the sensitive part of Maldives is having to depend on other countries for assistance in certain aspects. He also said due to the current state of the world around us it is best not to “commit” to a work that has not begun rather than complete what has already been started. He also said that however, it will benefit a lot in the future if the bridges are built.
Mabrook said that due to the current situation and the need of rearranging and prioritizing what to be done first it will be difficult to answer the question.