Thursday 25th Jul 2024
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Govt Unable to Specify How Pres. Solih's Housing Pledges Will Be Fulfilled

The government was unable to specify how President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih plans to fulfill his housing pledge.
During a press conference at the President's Office on Monday, Spokesperson Mabrook Azeez was unable to elaborate on how the President's pledge will be fulfilled.
In June 2019, President Solih claimed he would provide 4200 housing units in Hulhumale' for less than MVR 6,000. Currently, the only government-run housing project initiated in Hulhumale' is the 1,000 housing units being built by Apollo Holdings. Out of the 1,000 units, only 60 are to be given for less than MVR 6,000.
In addition, during the 2018 presidential elections, Solih stated he would allocate rent-free housing for those unable to afford rent. In June 2019, the president then said that efforts to determine those who required rent-free housing were underway.
Based on the current progression of housing projects, Dhiyares inquired whether the two pledges can be fulfilled, and how it will be done so. Mabrook responded that the government does wish to provide free housing for those unable to afford rent. He iterated that rent will be declared for all properties in construction, as contractors require a portion of the rent, especially when building the properties at their own expense.
Council housing will be given to those unable to afford rent, with rent subsidized and reduced, said Mabrook.
According to the spokesperson, the Apollo project is not the big picture of the housing projects, and the government has previously revealed the number of housing units to be provided in varying price ranges. When notified that no such information has been published, he stated that the information will be shared after the press conference.
Mabrook has yet to publish the information.