Thursday 25th Jul 2024
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JMC workers protest over non-payment of salaries in Hulhumale housing project

JMC Projects, the Indian contractor developing housing units in Hulhumale, has been at the center of protests by its workers over non-payment of salaries. The social housing project is being funded via a loan from the exim bank of India. According to reports, around 1800 Indian workers are employed on the construction site.
The workers have been protesting for three days now, and yesterday they held a massive protest which was dispersed by the police. Speaking to the Maldives Journal, some of the workers said that they are not being paid their salaries and are forced to work for 12 hours straight without proper food. As a form of protest, they have been boycotting work and staying in bed all day.
This is not the first time that JMC workers have protested. Two months ago, they also protested for the same reasons. Similar issues have arisen regarding Indian companies in the Maldives. Afcons Infrastructure, the company developing the Thilamale bridge, has also regularly failed to pay its employees, leading to multiple strikes.
The protests by JMC workers have caused concern among the public, as the housing project is critical to addressing the housing shortage in the Maldives. The government has not yet issued a statement on the matter.