Saturday 15th Jun 2024
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Col. Nazim Lied About Pres. Yameen: Opposition

The opposition coalition has falsified Colonel (Rtd) Mohamed Nazim's claim that former President Yameen Abdul Gayoom was aware of and took part in farming him in an issue involving a gun.
During a program on Sangu TV, Colonel Nazim claimed that President Yameen was aware that he was framed. Weapons were allegedly found in his home while he was the Minister of Defense. Nazim also revealed that a person in the role of Defense Minister can acquire weapons after signing off on them.
A press release from the opposition Progressive Congress Coalition on Wednesday night falsified Nazim's claim. The statement also highlighted that policies do not allow the Defense Minister to sign off and store weapons in their home, proving Nazim's claims to be false. "Maldivian policies do not allow ministers of the Cabinet to sign off on weapons for personal use", stated the opposition.
Although Nazim has claimed that President Yameen was aware of and involved in the issue of weapons found in Nazim's home, the opposition has iterated that the former president was only made aware of the matter once the weapons were discovered.
"Therefore, we condemn former Defense Minister and Dhangethi MP Colonel (Rtd) Nazim for the baseless and untrue accusations against former President Yameen Abdul Gayoom", said the opposition.
The opposition urged Nazim to state the truth, as he completely contradicted the policies for ministers. Gesturing to the new political party spearheaded by Nazim, the opposition said that political parties are not based on lies and conflict.