Sunday 2nd Oct 2022
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Maafushi jail

Opposition calls for investigation into the death of prison inmate

The opposition coalition has called authorities to investigate the death of the prison inmate, Mohamed Nasheed, 43, Hudhufinifenmaage, M. Muli, who died while in custody.
A statement released by the opposition said that Nasheed had notified the prison guards of difficulty breathing, however, his complaint was disregarded and was left without adequate treatment.
The opposition asserted that Nasheed’s lawyers have complained that he was repeatedly tortured in prison.
Therefore, the opposition had urged the authorities; Human Right Commission of the Maldives amongst other agencies, to carry out a transparent investigation to bring the negligent parties to justice.
Corrections said that was found unresponsive by his cellmate and once they were notified, he was taken to Maafushi Prison Medical Center and given CPR immediately. Corrections also reported that he remained unresponsive and his death was called at 17:56.
Mohamed Nasheed was imprisoned for a drug-related case.