Saturday 20th Jul 2024
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Member Mohmed Nihad

Govt Provides Positive Answer Regarding Addu Bridge: Nihad

Parliament representative for Feydhoo constituency Mohamed Nihad has stated that the government provided a positive answer regarding the bridge connecting Hulhumeedhoo and Hithadhoo.
During a Clubhouse forum on Tuesday night, Nihad iterated that the Minister of Economic Affairs Fayyaz Ismail spoke on the bridge to connect Hulhumeedhoo and Hithadhoo, which is vital to Addu’s development. Fayyaz reportedly said that it is not impossible, and expected costs need to be discussed. Therefore, the minister views the project in a positive light, said Nihad.
According to Nihad, forums like Clubhouse provide a great deal of technical information which, if compiled into a single document and presented to the parliament, will facilitate further discussions with the government on the development of Addu.
He assured that the Addu MPs will expend all efforts to fulfill Addu citizens’ requests. Nihad stated that the MPs will work with the support of the Maldives Democratic Party (MDP) leadership and parliamentary group.