Monday 2nd Oct 2023
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Member Mohmed Nihad

Nihad Draws Controversy with Comparison of President Solih and Obama

A tweet posted by MP Mohamed Nihad, who represents the Feydhoo constituency, has caused a stir on social media after he compared President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih of the Maldives to former US President Barack Obama. In the tweet, Nihad shared a picture of President Solih and President Obama in similar poses, sparking a debate on the similarities between the two leaders.
However, many social media users criticized the comparison, stating that the only similarity between the two presidents was their pose and nothing else. President Obama is a Harvard graduate, while President Solih's highest level of education is high school. This has been a point of contention in the past, with some supporters claiming that Solih studied in Australia in the early 1990s, but no proof has been disclosed to the public to date.
Additionally, President Solih has been often criticized for being the least educated president in the history of Maldives. Officials working for the government have stated that it can be difficult to explain basic concepts to President Solih, who finds it hard to grasp such information.

In the past, President Solih's PR team has shared pictures of the president in various poses, similar to President Obama's poses from his time in office, fueling further comparisons between the two leaders. Despite this, many social media users have stated that the comparison is inappropriate and that the presidents should not be compared.