Thursday 9th Dec 2021
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Ahmed Mahloof

I Have Compromising Material on Shiuna, Assad: Mahloof

Minister of Youth, Sports, and Community Empowerment Ahmed Mahloof has revealed that he is in possession of chatlogs that will discredit the President of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) Mariyam Shiuna and President of the Asset Recovery Commission (ARC) Ahmed Assad.
Minister Mahloof is currently on suspension after ACC submitted a case to the Prosecutor General requesting his prosecution for allegedly receiving a sum of money from the Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) corruption scandal. He has now been relinquished of his responsibilities for nearly two months.
During the Havaasaa program hosted on Clubhouse by online news Vaguthu, Mahloof has made serious allegations against Shiuna and Assad, questioning their integrity.
The minister claims that although they outwardly appear integrous and trustworthy, he has several pieces of evidence that suggest otherwise. He mentioned that he possesses chat logs revealing their immoral acts.
No further details were provided on the chat logs discrediting Shiuna and Assad's integrity. Mahloof also declined to specify the contents of the chat logs. However, he has accused Shiuna and Assad of being involved in acts against him conducted by political figures in secret.
Mahloof stated that if he is charged and sent to court, he will reveal information that will leave the state "naked".