Monday 15th Apr 2024
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PG Hussain Shameem

Prosecutors removed from MMPRC corruption case after refusing to follow Prosecutor General's orders

The legal team in charge of the MMPRC corruption case has been removed after criticizing the Prosecutor General’s decision to overturn bribery charges against Youth and Sports Minister Ahmed Mahloof in relation to the scandal. The entire team was removed after they refused to follow the Prosecutor General's direct orders to write letters requesting the overturning of Minister Mahloof's bribery charges.
One of the prosecutors in the removed legal team wrote a letter to PG Shameem stating that he did not have the proper information to make the decision and that he should send the letter himself if he wishes to overturn the case. The removal of the entire legal team has caused concern amongst the top investigators of the Maldives Police service and the Anti-corruption commission (ACC) who had foretold to PG Shameem that the result of this action will surely pave the way for unprecedented and detrimental consequences.
One of the lawyers who voiced against rescinding the case explained that the criminal court had acted after it was proven in the High Court that there was sufficient evidence against Minister Mahloof. The lawyer also noted that PG's decision to overturn a case when there is enough evidence will result in the public losing their trust in the prosecution.
After removing the entire legal team, PG Shameem directed another prosecutor to send a letter making the same request aforementioned, and had it sent to criminal court. The hearing held today regarding the illegal sale of Fuggiri island was attended by none other than the legal team PG picked out after removing the former prosecutors.
Senior public prosecutor Aishath Mohamed stepped down from the position after accusing PG Shameem of mishandling the case and exerting unrightful influence, on top of taking action against individuals involving the case.
The unilateral decision to overturn the case by PG after it had spent so long gathering dust at the court, was met with harsh criticism from the prosecutors directly involved in the MMPRC corruption case and also from other prosecutors in the Maldives.