Saturday 20th Jul 2024
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Indian Attempted to Strangle Driver as Unable to Pay Taxi Fare

The Indian man who attempted to murder a Maldivian taxi driver has revealed to police that he proceeded to strangle the driver as he did not have money for the trip.
A police official informed Dhiyares that according to what was said in the investigation, the man attempted to strangle the taxi driver with his shirt as he did not have money to pay the driver.
Police also stated that the 25-year-old Indian man was intoxicated at the time of the incident. He was summoned to Hulhumale' Court on Tuesday and issued a remand of ten days.
The incident took place in Hulhumale’ on Monday night, where the Indian man allegedly removed his shirt and proceeded to strangle the driver. The driver then lost control of the car, crashing it into a van and motorcycle parked in the alley of Nirolhu Magu 19, Hulhumale’.
Lately, there has been an increase in crimes committed by Indians in the Maldives. Previously, an Indian man mocked Allah and the Prophet while drunk in public. An Indian man also entered a mosque and attacked an elderly Maldivian in the middle of prayer. A Maldivian resort worker sustained significant injuries after an attack from an Indian tourist. A Maldivian woman was also molested on a Maldivian flight, an Indian physiotherapist attempted to rape a Maldivian woman doing physiotherapy at IGMH, and a child was physically assaulted. None of the Indian suspects have been penalized for these crimes.
Over 5,000 Indians have entered Maldives on work visas in 2020 alone. Hundreds of Indians are now in Maldives as tourists to quarantine.