Sunday 14th Jul 2024
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Avas Ride Unveils New Promotion for Taxi Drivers: Free Center Access and No Registration Fees

Avas Ride, the most popular ride-hailing app in the Maldives, has just announced a new promotion to encourage taxi drivers to join its taxi centers. The parent company, which owns AvasRide, CityCab, CabMV, and JR Taxi, is offering a deal too good to pass up. Taxi drivers who sign up with one of the Avas Ride taxi centers will enjoy a number of benefits.
For a limited time until May 15, new drivers will receive three months of free center access. In addition, the Avas Ride application will be free for drivers as long as they are affiliated with one of the company's centers. Moreover, Avas Ride is waiving all registration fees and will even cover any fees required by the Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation.
To register, drivers must submit the following documents: annual fee, insurance, road worthiness, vehicle registry, owner's ID card and driving license copy, copy of taxi permit, and a reference letter from their previous center.
For more information, interested drivers can send a message to Avas Ride on Facebook or Instagram, or call 3302929. This exciting promotion is a fantastic opportunity for taxi drivers to join Avas Ride Taxi Centers and enjoy the benefits of the leading ride-hailing app in the Maldives.